MicroProse is back!

MicroProse is back!

MicroProse is officially back in action. Truthful to the spirit of the company we let our games speak for us to tell a story of quality and passion.

Today our first three games have been announced:

Task Force Admiral, a single-player experience centered on the command of an early Pacific War US Navy carrier task force that puts you in the nerve-wrecking role of the admiral in charge .

Second Front, an accessible WWII turn-based tactical game sporting all the depth of a paper wargame and the ease of a computer simulation.

Sea Power, a deep modern naval combat warfare simulation that pits Nato and Warsaw Pact against each other in a tense, hide and seek-based, confrontation. From the lead designer of Cold Waters.

But these are only the beginning of our comeback. Other announcements will follow, giving shape to our vision for the future of the strategy and simulation genres.

Stay with us, MicroProse is back, and we mean business.